Physical Work-Environment Can Improve Innovation

The overall atmosphere of your company, from the office arrangement and breakroom structure to co-worker dynamics and company culture, has an extensive impact on your employee’s’ performance and satisfaction. A positive workplace tend to show a common set of characteristics that promote excellence, productivity and companionship. The opposite is also true, if people are uncomfortable in their office, they’re most likely to be unsuccessful and unsatisfied with their jobs. Here are 5 ways how you can improve your work environment to improve innovation.


We’re not talking about just any color, instead there are certain colors that can improve our creativity. A study suggests that using the colors blue and green can encourage creative performance due to the relations we create with respect to the said colors. Blue is frequently related to open-mindedness, harmony, and serenity, which is a symbol for a more benevolent surroundings. More benevolent, a happier frame of mind, and thus associated with ingenious and creative problem solving approaches.

Play, play, play!

You might have already this but because it is true. Play is amongst the best methods to switch on one’s creative mind. Don’t you secretly want to free the kid in yourself once again? Because we definitely want that. Therefore, just add some jolly components in your physical environment. As a result of having jolly areas with interactive attributes where you let your employees to be expressive, you make possible for people to push the envelope and testing new viewpoints.

Natural Elements

Potted plants, huge windows, and stones are just some of the natural elements that can encourage creative thinking. We, for example, appreciate looking outside our windows at home and allow our thoughts dawdle for a short period of time to allow fresh connections to happen. Nature can affect us in the most powerful way, which brings us amazing mood. And not only that, according to research, one’s mood is amongst the most used predictors for creative potential.

Sound & Scent

Aside from the physical components above, non-physical components such as sounds, and even certain scents can influence an individual’s creativity and innovation. For instance, a classical music piece, buzzing sounds inside a cafe can improve experimental thinking and stimulate focused thinking. On the other hand, lemon scents can prompt cognitive performance.

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