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Welcome to the official website of Louvain Coworking Lounge!

Do you need a flexible working space, just drop-in to our co-working lounge? Aside from our space in Chicago, you can also visit some of our spaces in different spots in the country, including New York, North Carolina and much more!

About Us

Louvain Coworking Lounge is a shared central Chicago office location that advocates association and contributes a professional, developmental and practical space to improve and develop entrepreneurialism. As an organization of local-minded and business-focused individuals, we are able to partner on projects and distribute resources and create more success to support our livelihoods.


A Better Environment For An Improved Productivity

How This Adelaide Carpet Cleaning Company Trained Their Staff For Great Customer Service

Regular carpet cleaning is essential for the cleanliness of your household. The best way to clean your carpet is to let a professional do it for you. This is because they are experienced at this and will do it better that you would have done. This explains the need to hire a competent carpet cleaning company in Adelaide such as I Clean Carpets & Windows Company. A lot of people have sought their services because of the following reasons;

Polite and friendly

I Clean Carpets & Windows Company am well represented when it comes to customer-client interaction. The carpet cleaners in Adelaide are very sociable and are good at starting up conversations with their clients as they carry on with their work. This in turns makes both parties feel at ease with each other. It also promotes a good working relationship between the two parties. Have you ever encountered impolite and rude cleaning agents? It is so frustrating and going back to them for help never crosses your mind. Carpet cleaning Adelaide is so welcoming and accommodating that you will ultimately love them and their work as well. Courtesy is the basic principle for your business growth.

Time specific

I Clean Carpets & Windows Company keep their words. It seldom keeps the clients waiting. In any successful business, time is their core driving force and through it, it is able to reach out to many people in such a short span of time. A lot of customers who have had the services of this carpet cleaning company in Adelaide have really commended it for the swiftness in terms of service delivery. The moment you seek services, it responds immediately and in no time; will be knocking at your door dressed up for the ‘occasion’.

Skilled personnel

You can never doubt the expertise of these workmen. Cleaners in Adelaide never let their customers down. The company has with them professional cleaners who never disappoint. The professional team has had lots of years of experience which has molded them to be at their very best. Besides, they are certified carpet cleaners and will ultimately revive your carpet to its former state. Credibility is what customers look for in cleaners before granting them their authority to clean their carpets and with them, they’ve all got it.

Reasonable prices

EquipmentIt is with no doubt that consumers seem to like services offered at affordable prices. This also applies to the cleaning services. The charges of these cleaning services are reasonable which makes it all easier to seek its services. At I Clean Carpets & Windows Company, their work is so efficient and effective which is a great thing. The extra time spent on cleaning isn’t charged at all since the prices are standardized which is an added advantage. This way, anyone can afford the services offered and at the end of the day, both sides are satisfied; one is paid his money due and the other gets a clean carpet.

Positive reviews and recommendations

I Clean Carpets & Windows Company has great carpet cleaning services. Customers who have had a taste of its incredible services have a lot to say about the company. They are always satisfied and confident that they will do a better job on their carpets. A lot of positive reviews have been put across all over. Signing up with them is a guarantee of a clean carpet. Over the years, their number of clients has grown immensely due to the quality of services they provide.

Right equipment for use

Carpet cleaningThe tools of work are always in check and are serviced regularly. They have been manufactured with the latest technology which makes all the cleaning easier. Whether it is carpet cleaning or other types of cleaning, the company is well conversant with the type of equipment to use and how to use them.

Accredited, certified and insured

All the companies providing cleaning services in Adelaide have gone through proper certification process including I Clean Carpets & Windows Company before being in practice. This means that they are approved by the board to offer the services to clients who are in need of them. It is in no way operating illegally to amount to fraudsters. It has been legally permitted to carry out services within the context of its permission.

In conclusion

Carpet cleaning is a complex activity to do solely and requires the intervention of professionals to make all the cleaning for you. With the help of I Clean Carpets & Windows Company services, even the slightest dirt from your carpet will be wiped out. Carpet cleaning in Adelaide is a norm for most of its locals and has laid their trust on this cleaning company since it is friendly, efficient, effective, cheap, professional, correct equipment for use as well as customers’ acknowledgement of its work.

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Physical Work-Environment Can Improve Innovation

The overall atmosphere of your company, from the office arrangement and breakroom structure to co-worker dynamics and company culture, has an extensive impact on your employee’s’ performance and satisfaction. A positive workplace tend to show a common set of characteristics that promote excellence, productivity and companionship. The opposite is also true, if people are uncomfortable in their office, they’re most likely to be unsuccessful and unsatisfied with their jobs. Here are 5 ways how you can improve your work environment to improve innovation.


We’re not talking about just any color, instead there are certain colors that can improve our creativity. A study suggests that using the colors blue and green can encourage creative performance due to the relations we create with respect to the said colors. Blue is frequently related to open-mindedness, harmony, and serenity, which is a symbol for a more benevolent surroundings. More benevolent, a happier frame of mind, and thus associated with ingenious and creative problem solving approaches.

Play, play, play!

You might have already this but because it is true. Play is amongst the best methods to switch on one’s creative mind. Don’t you secretly want to free the kid in yourself once again? Because we definitely want that. Therefore, just add some jolly components in your physical environment. As a result of having jolly areas with interactive attributes where you let your employees to be expressive, you make possible for people to push the envelope and testing new viewpoints.

Natural Elements

Potted plants, huge windows, and stones are just some of the natural elements that can encourage creative thinking. We, for example, appreciate looking outside our windows at home and allow our thoughts dawdle for a short period of time to allow fresh connections to happen. Nature can affect us in the most powerful way, which brings us amazing mood. And not only that, according to research, one’s mood is amongst the most used predictors for creative potential.

Sound & Scent

Aside from the physical components above, non-physical components such as sounds, and even certain scents can influence an individual’s creativity and innovation. For instance, a classical music piece, buzzing sounds inside a cafe can improve experimental thinking and stimulate focused thinking. On the other hand, lemon scents can prompt cognitive performance.

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